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Outsourcing Payroll

Payroll management services and solutions empower the companies and the management to effortlessly manage critical employee information on a day to day basis. You canaccess contact information, personal information, Salarydata, attendance, investment details, Salary certificates,complex statutory details and much more.

Payroll Service is a complete, full-servicesolution for managing your payroll. It evenhandles all filings and deposits for governmentdepartments and local jurisdictions. With Payroll Services, you get fewerpayroll headaches, less tediouspaperwork, and peace of mind with Payrollservices. Managingpayroll hasnever beenso easy.

Outsourcing Payroll Benefits:

  • freeing up time to focus on core activities.
  • Reduce the pain of maintaining records.
  • Peace of mind gained from expertise.
  • Increasing operating efficiency.
  • Avoid technology headaches.
  • Direct transfer of Payments.
  • Increase Payroll efficiency.
  • Avoid penalties.
  • Reduces Cost.
  • Reduce risk.

Payroll Management Includes:

  • Maintaining master data base of all employees.
  • Entering attendance data, Leaves, Overtime, Monthly Reimbursements if any.
  • Maintaining Masters towards recovery of Loans as deduction from monthly salary.
  • Calculations and deductions of Correct Tax Deducted at Source from the salaries of Employees.
  • Processing of HR and Pay particulars for new joinees from offer letter.
  • Preparation and Processing of payroll.
  • Salary output and variance statement to be verified and authorized.
  • Disbursements of salary to employees via power pay accounts.
  • Distribution of Pay slips to employees.
  • Downloading the payroll data to Finance for making necessary entries in books of acc.
  • Submission of PF, ESI, TDS, Professional Tax advice to Finance Department to
  • make necessary cheque for deposit of the same to the credit of central Government, and other relevant details in case of PF for complying with PF monthly formalities.
  • Preparation of full and final settlement of employees and settlement of the

Statutoryforms preparation:

  • Calculation of PF,ESI as per rules.
  • Calculation of PT
  • Compliance with PF, ESI,Bonus, Pension, Gratuity,statutory rules and registers.
  • Monthly/Quaterly/Half-Yearly/Annual statutory reports.for PF, ESI,PT and bonus etc.,
  • Forms of employees pension scheme,
  • Employees state Insurance regulations.
  • Minimum wages,payment of bonus, paymentof Gratuity etc.,Employees’ Provident fund and

Pension scheme:

  • Monthly forms;Challan, Returns, PF form-12A, form-5, F-10, Pension form - 1.
  • Yearly forms: PF form - 3A, PF form - 6A.
  • Declaration form: PF F-2. PF F-11.
  • SSN (Social security number ) Allotment form.
  • PF withdrawal F-19, Pension withdrawal F-10C.

Income tax and TDS works:

  • Calculaion of Tax on salary as per IT
  • Calculation of TDS is to be deducted.
  • Preparation & E Filing of Form 24Q & 26Q
  • Preparation of Salary computation sheet.
  • Preparation of form 16, F 16A,F 12BA
  • Preparation of draft computation sheet.
  • Generating digitally signed forms Like, F 16, F 16AA.
  • Filing of Income tax returns form ITR 1.

Management Information Sysems (MIS) repots :

  • Preparation of Payroll register, salary computation
  • Attendance comparison sheet.
  • Pay slip, Arrear slip and Bonus slip.
  • Pay voucher, advance voucher.
  • Exp report, DOB report.
  • Paid leave, unpaid leave, over time, bonus,PF, ESI, PT,TDSregistersetc.

Online access:

  • Employer login.
  • Employees login.
  • Contact info.
  • Personal info.
  • Salary data,
  • Attendance, certificates.
  • Plan your paid and unpaid leaves
  • Update your investment details.
  • Take print of your salary slip
  • Check various earnings.
  • Know you deductions
  • Edit personal info.